How do animals tell to danger?

Safety in Numbers

A herd of baboons hunts for food at the edge of a grassy plain in Africa. Each baboon is looking and listening every second. There might be a lion creeping through the grass towards the herd!

If a baboon saw or heard something, it would give a loud grunt. Baboon grunts sound almost like someone yelling “Hah!” Then all the baboons would hurry to climb trees. Because of one baboon’s warning, all the baboons would be safe.

Some animals live together in herds. They are safer that way. An animal by itself may not see or hear the enemy that creeps towards it. But if there are many animals watching, there are many more chances that one animal will see or smell danger and warn the others.

Herds of baboons, zebras, antelopes, and deer run when they sense danger. But sometimes a whole herd of animals will fight an enemy.

Sometimes the safest place to be is in a herd. There is safety in numbers!