Why are the Bronte Sisters so famous?

The Bronte Sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne, have charmed, inspired, and even shocked readers from the Victorian Age to the present. Raised in Haworth, Yorkshire, the three sisters produced such classics as Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and The Tenant of Wild fell Hall. The characters in their books, such as the devoted governess, Jane Eyre, and the lovers, Heath cliff, Cathy, and Hareton, are unforgettable.

The Bronte sisters actually had a sad life. They were the children of a father who was both cold and violent, and of a gentle, sickly mother who died early. All three sisters attended different schools at various times as well as being taught at home. The Bronte children were often left alone together in their isolated home, and all began to write stories at an early age. In May 1846, the sisters published at their own expense a volume of poetry. Anne’s ‘Agnes Grey’ and Charlotte’s ‘Jane Eyre’ were published in 1847. ‘Jane Eyre’ was one of the year’s best sellers. Anne’s second novel, ‘The Tenant of Wild fell Hall’ and Emily’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ were both published in 1848.

The Bronte sisters were reared amid gloomy surroundings, and perhaps this is the reason that their stories deal with suffering and endurance, rebellion against fate, violence, and with crime and its punishment.