Where is Temple of Kukulkan located? When was it built? How big is it? Why was it built?

It is located in Tinum, Mexico.  It was built around A.D. 1000. It measures 98 feet (30 m). It was built as a temple for sacrificial rituals to a Mayan snake god. All legends aside, crafty and mathematically brilliant architecture combined with the natural rotation of the Earth creates an amazing and somewhat eerie image of a giant snake crawling down the temple. For five hours an illusion of light and shadow creates seven triangles on the side of the staircase starting at the top and inching its way down until it connects the top platform with the giant stone head of the feathered serpent at the bottom. For 45 minutes this impressive shadow stays in its entirety before slowing descending the pyramid and disappearing along with the crowd that gathered to see it.


Picture Credit : Google