Why are cockroaches so hard to kill?

They’ve crept through Earth’s crannies for 300 million years and survived the worldwide calamity that wiped out the dinosaurs. Cockroaches keep on crawling and crawling and crawling for all sorts of reasons. They’re more active at night, when it’s easier to hide from predators – and the bottom of your shoe. The roughly 4,500 species of roaches around the world have evolved to fill nearly every ecological niche (including humid sewers, where they reproduce by the millions). Hardier than most insects, roaches are resistant to radiation and can go a month between meals. They’ll eat almost anything – including human eyelashes! But it’s just as well that these brown bugs are such extreme survivors. Their anything-goes diet rids the world of organic garbage. And while roaches might make your skin crawl, they’re a gourmet snack for rodents, birds, lizards, and other small animals.


Picture Credit : Google