Who’s the biggest cat of all?

The Siberian tiger can reach a record-breaking 3.3 m long — that’s about six times longer than a pet cat. This tiger is very rare and lives in the mountains of northern China and Russia. Its long, off-white, striped fur keeps it warm and hidden in the snow.

How big is a tiger’s paw?

Huge – almost as big as a grown-up’s head! Even a gentle swipe of its paw would easily knock you off your feet.

Is it true? Tigers don’t attack a victim which looks them in the eye.

Yes. Tigers usually attack from behind. In Southeast Asia, people sometimes wear masks that act as fake faces, on the backs of their heads.

Amazing! The cub of a male tiger and a female lion is called a tigon. Lions and tigers are so closely related that they have been bred together in zoos. Ligers are the cubs of a female tiger and a male lion.

How many tigers are there?

There are five main types of tiger – the Siberian, South Chinese, Sumatran, Indochinese and Indian. The number of tigers has fallen faster than for any other cat. There are fewer than 5,000 in the world today.

Picture Credit : Google