Inventors are men and women who make things that make our life easier.

Many inventions are simple. In 1865 in the U.S.A., S.E. Pettee invented a machine for making paper bags. And Earle Dickson invented the first ready-to-use bandage in 1920.

Some inventions take many years to develop. The great Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci made drawings of his ideas about 500 years ago. He drew an aeroplane, a parachute, and a helicopter. It was more than 300 years before any of these were made.

The American Thomas A. Edison invented the frst light bulb in 1879. But several other men worked on similar designs before Edison did.

To keep their ideas safe and prove they thought of it first, inventors apply for a patent. The patent gives the inventor the right to make his invention or sell his idea. Edison had ore patents than anyone else – he has 1,093!


Picture Credit : Google