Which is the noisiest primate?

The howler monkey is well-named, because it makes a terrific noise that can be heard up to five kilometres away through the trees. They hold howling competitions with neighbouring groups, to remind each other to keep to their own part of the forest.

Amazing! Monkeys do sentry duty. When a troop is enjoying a feast, one or two animals keep a lookout for predators. They have many different warning calls. For example, they make a certain noise only if a leopard is nearby.

Who grins with fright?

Chimpanzees have a special fear grin. They use it to warn others of danger without making a giveaway noise. Sometimes, when chimps come face to face with a predator, they use the horrible grin to try to frighten it away.

Is it true? Bushbabies rub wee on their feet!

Yes. And they also rub wee on their hands! It’s their way of leaving lots of smelly graffiti on the trees. Every place they’ve gripped has a scent which says ‘we were here’.

Whose bottom has something to say?

Many primates have brightly-coloured bottoms which are easy to see in the dim forest light. These bottoms tell other members of their own kind where they are. The mandrill’s bottom is the most colourful – it’s bright blue and red!

Picture Credit : Google