Which is the biggest plane?

The biggest plane in the world is the six-engined Antonov An-225 transport aeroplane. It can carry other aircraft on its back as well as cargo inside. It can take off weighing a massive 600 tonnes.

Which transatlantic airliner has only two engines?

The Boeing 777 flies across the Atlantic with only two engines. Before 1984, all transatlantic airliners had three or four engines in case one failed. Now, engines are more reliable.

Is it true? Some aeroplanes carry tanks.

Yes. Monster military transport planes like the Lockheed C5 Galaxy and Antonov An-124 are big enough for tanks. The Galaxy can lift two 50-tonne tanks, which drive in up ramps in the nose or tail.

Amazing! One gigantic flying boat with eight engines, the Hughes H4 Hercules, measured nearly 100 metres from one wing tip to the other and could have carried 700 passengers! Nicknamed ‘Spruce Goose’, it only flew once in 1947 and is now in a museum.

Which airliner carries the most people?

The airliner that can carry the most passengers is the two-deck Boeing 747 ‘Jumbo Jet’. Seats for up to 660 passengers can be fitted into the most modern model, the 747-400. There are plans for a double-decker airliner that will carry up to 900 passengers.

Picture Credit : Google