Which folk dance of Tamil Nadu street play?

Deeply linked to the cultural history of Tamil Nadu therickoothi combines two Tamil words thenu, meaning street and koothu meaning performance Marked by elaborate costumes that make it easy for one to spot the characters even from afar, thenukoothu is said to have its origins in the worship of the Mother Goddess and tied inexplicably to Draupadi a most powerful character from The Mahabharata” But what is remarkable about thenukoothu is the several layers it shoulders, a testimony to its long tradition, continuous evolution, and generous accommodation of the times it is set in. Which is why poignant episodes from epics and snarky remarks about indifferent governments rub shoulders effortlessly in today’s performances, continuing to pin riveted audience to their floor-seat.

Music is an important part of Therukoothu art form. Dolak or Miruthangam, Jalra (Thaalam), Harmoniyam (sruthy box) are the musical instruments employed in this art form. In most of the Therukoothu groups, either Mugaveena or Flute is played. The main objective of the street theatre is to go closer to those who have been marginalized by society. It creates a new space for common people. The other objective of the street theatre is mainly to convey a particular idea through the direct but brief and effective means of dramaturgy.

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