Moscow, which is Russia’s largest city in terms of its population, is its capital city. Moscow is the centre of the Russian government, and also houses the Kremlin, which is the working place of the Russian president.

Moscow was the centre of the Orthodox Church after the collapse of the Byzantine Empire. This played an important role in Russia’s history as the very first trading settlement came into being here. This trading centre dates back to the 10th century Slavic communities. The name Moscow was first recorded in the year 1147, when Prince Yury Dolgoruky, who ruled the region, sent an invitation to his allies.

In the 13th century, Moscow was attacked by the Mongols. It became a centre of power when Ivan III successfully staved off the Mongol invasions. He also managed to conquer the neighbouring countryside. The famous brick walls of the Kremlin were added as part of the renovation works initiated by Ivan to commemorate these events.

Tsar Peter the Great moved the capital of the country to St. Petersburg in 1712, but after the revolution of 1917, Moscow became the official capital again.

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