What is the parliament of Russia known as?

The Russian parliament is known as the Federal Assembly of Russia. It comprises two houses: The State Duma, which is the lower house, and the Federation Council, which is the upper house.

The Federation Council consists of two representatives from each region. Out of the two representatives, one is of the legislative branch which is the regional parliament, and another one is from the executive branch, which is the regional government. Each member of the Federation Council is called a senator. Along with them, 30 other senators are appointed by the president. The Federation Council is a permanent body and it cannot be dissolved by the president, like the State Duma. Its meetings are held as necessary, but it happens at least twice a month.

The first State Duma was elected on December 12th, 1993, and it was the same day on which the Constitution of the Russian Federation was approved at a nationwide constitutional referendum.

As per the Russian constitution, the State Duma has 450 deputies. Elections to the State Duma happen every five years. Deputies in the State Duma belong to different political parties and are not like the Federation Council.

Any Russian citizen over the age of 21 and eligible to participate in elections can become an elected deputy to the State Duma.

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