My son is in grade 8. He is not sure what he wants to pursue after the Std 10. We need help to understand how we can guide him and resources we have to look at options. Please advise.

“Which career should your child go for?” There is no straight answer. The reason being that “Each child is unique, with unique set of abilities, potentials and skills.” The best career is when we match our preferences to the realities of a job.

Start by checking what your son is good at. His hobbies, the subject he likes most in school, his favourite books, magazines and TV programmes, what he does in his spare time these are all important clues to what kind of career would suit him best. His school results can also give some clues as to what his strong subjects are – is he better in theoretical work or practical work?

He still has two more years before deciding on subject streams. Depending on the subjects he takes, you can explore various career opportunities. You may also contact agencies that conduct aptitude tests.

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