I have PCM in Std 12 and I was thinking of joining the army through NDA or do B.Tech. which can help me in my interest in computer science. After that I want to start my own company. From which engineering college should I do my B.Tech, and should I study abroad or in India? I was also thinking of pursuing MBA if I choose B.Tech. Please guide me.

NDA, B.Tech., MBA, studying abroad, starting your venture… your interests seem to be quite wide. But it looks like you’re just fascinated by these words, and did not put any effort to know how to enter into these.

First, try to think what you want to do after say 7-8 years, then decide the path and the courses.

After NDA (National Defence Academy), you’ll be required to serve the country on short/ permanent commission. If you want to start your own company, you should go for some professional course.

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