Which animals in the dog family live in cold climates?

          While members of the Canidae family are found everywhere, some prefer to stay in the coldest climates too. Arctic fox can survive frigid Arctic temperatures. The temperature in the Arctic region might fall to -50? Celsius in these treeless lands.

          However, the Arctic fox’s furry soles, and short muzzle can help the animal withstand such hostile conditions. These physical features are important adaptations of the species in the ice. They live in burrows. When there is a blizzard, the Arctic fox make a tunnel in the snow to create a shelter.

         The Arctic wolf also lives in very cold climates and is native to Canada’s Queen Elizabeth Islands. The species is also found in the Melville Island. Smaller in size compared to other wolf species, this animal is also known as the white wolf, or polar wolf.

Picture Credit : Google