Where to find the world’s most famous waterfalls?

The most famous waterfalls in the world are at 500,000 tons of water rush over the Niagara precipice into a gorge below every minute and make this one of the best sources of hydroelectric power in America. The dull roar of the waters can be heard from a great distance. The people who live near the falls are used to the sound and would be quite nervous if it should suddenly stop. This almost happened one night in March 1848 when the waters of the river Niagara were blocked by huge masses of ice and the great falls were reduced to a trickle for a few hours.

There are two falls at Niagara and they are separated by a huge rock, called Goad Island. The larger of the falls is in Canada and the other is in the United States. Engineers have bored a tunnel in the rock through which people can go to see the marvelous spectacle. The falls are very beautiful in winter because of the ice round them. They are visited by over 4 million sightseers a year.


Picture Credit : Google