Where does toe jam come from?

Your sweaty gym sock is like a five-star spa for fungus, which squeezes under your toenails and causes a burning itch. Between your toes, bacteria combine with lint to create a smelly, cheezy, absolutely sickening substance called toe jam.

Some skin conditions (such as eczema, dyshidrosis and psoriasis) may result in flaking dry skin that may land between the toes and ball-up due to sweat. If you have skin problems on other parts of your body, then it is possible that it can manifest in the foot, as well, though diagnosis may be elusive and biopsies may be necessary. A variety of skin conditions may be managed with topical steroids. A word of caution: You should not place steroids on an infection, as it may cause a worse infection, so its important to have a proper diagnosis.

Fungus and bacteria propagate in areas that are moist, warm, dark and enclosed — making the area between the toes an optimal home. Bacteria and fungus may simply reside here as innocent bystanders in the mix of toe jam, or they can cause an infection.


Picture Credit : Google