Where do you come first if you are last?

A demolition derby is not so much of race as a test of strength. Modified road cars deliberately smash into one another, and the winner is the last car to keep moving. It’s a dangerous sport, and drivers are protected by harnesses and safety cages.

Amazing! Some tractors are powered by aircraft engines! Tractor Tuggers have to drag a sledge weighing a hefty 100 tonnes, for 100 metres along a dirt track.

Which racing cars have no engines?

Gravity Formula One cars are downhill racers, which have no engines, just a steering lever and a small brake. Drivers skid them down steep mountain roads at speeds of around 100 kph!

Is it true? People race lawn mowers.

Yes. Some people really do take their lawn mowers racing. It’s cheaper than Formula One, and it keeps the grass down as well. It just goes to show that if it’s got wheels, someone out there will race it!

Are there races for trucks?

Yes. Specially tuned trucks compete on racetracks. They look like ordinary trucks on the road, but they’re a lot faster. Some even have jet engines, reaching speeds of over 605 kph!

Picture Credit : Google