Where American monkeys live?

Almost all the monkeys of the American continent live in the dense forests around the Amazon River. These monkey spend most of their time in trees and are extremely agile acrobats, using their long tails to hand on to the branches. The best-known of these animals are the capuchin monkeys which were once the inseparable companions of travelling musicians and organ-grinders.

The capuchin monkeys are easily domesticated for they are gentle and good-natured and live well in captivity. For this reason there are always many of them in zoos and they are often sold in pet shops. They are not much bigger than a cat and are grayish brown in colour with a long, hairy tail which is not so good at gripping things. They live mainly on fruit but also eat tender shoots and buds, insects and eggs which they steal from birds’ nests.


Picture Credit : Google

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