When was begin of movies?


From 1895, when the Lumiere brothers first delighted French audiences with their “moving pictures” to today’s multi-billion-dollar film industry, movies have become a popular type of entertainment, an important art form, and a way to shape people’s opinions. The “magic” of movies is that they are created from a series of individual images shown in rapid sequence.


Until the late 1920s, the technology to add recorded sound to movies did not exist. Instead, bits of dialogue or key story points appeared as words on screen, and actors relied on body language. Live piano music helped to set the mood.


Set in the tough American West, these movies captivated huge audiences in the 1950s and 60s. Westerns tell of cowboys, outlaws, gunslingers, and good guys as they faced the challenges of frontier life.


 These movies are created to terrify and shock the audience. In a typical horror film, characters must overpower evil – be it a monster, a ghost, or a serial killer. Horror films are often quite violent and gory.


Imaginative and visually stunning, science fiction and fantasy allow filmmakers to explore future worlds, use special effects, and speculate about our relationship with technology.


These movies often follow the exploits of a hero, with plenty of fast-paced stunt work, chases, fistfights, and shoot-outs. From intrepid crime-fighters to special agents, these daring heroes always save the day.


These movies are created when a rapid sequence of drawings (or models) is run together to give the illusion of movement. Animation also uses computer-generated images (CGI).


From the early 1900s, Hollywood has been the centre of movie-making. Today, more than 1,000 films a year are made in India. Many are lavish, colourful Bollywood musicals (the name is from the “B” in Bombay, the old name for Mumbai).


Action-packed and fast-paced, thriller movies create audience tension as the hero tries to outwit an evil adversary. Some thrillers feature plenty of action, while others rely on creating an atmosphere of suspense.


From slapstick to spoofs, audiences have always loved comedy films. Some rely on the dialogue for the laughs, others on physical quirks of the actors – or a combination of both. These films often have happy endings, even if they explore the darker side of life.


These Asian-based action films feature spectacular fight sequences using one or more of the martial arts. Among the martial artists who became stars due to their skills are Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.


Asteroids hurtling to Earth, shipwrecks, and earthquakes have all been subjects of disaster movies. Since the 1990s, the introduction of CGI special effects has made it easier to create visually spectacular disasters.


Featuring singing and dancing as part of the storytelling, musicals are often adapted from stage productions. Recently, Hollywood musicals have played to wide audiences in a revival of the genre.

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