When is the best time to see an owl?

Owls are thick-set, rounded birds with large, flat or rounded heads and legs. Owls are difficult to see because they really come to life at night, and its whole body is especially suited to this kind of life. Once the owl has startled its prey and heard its movement, it can even see it in the dark. This is because the eyeballs of the owl are elastic. It can focus them instantly for any distance. The owl can also open the pupil of its eye very wide. This enables it to make use of all the night light there is. The owl’s eyes are placed so that it has to turn its whole head to change the direction and its glance. Even the owl’s feathers help it to hunt for its food. The feathers help it to hunt for its food. The feathers are so soft that the owl can fly noiselessly and thus swoop right down on to its prey.

Fact File:

Some owls are helpful to farmers because they destroy rats, insects, and other enemies of crops. But there are owls that are fond of chickens and other domestic fowl, and these owls cost the farmer a lot of money.


Picture Credit : Google