The spotted, or laughing, hyena has two different calls. One sounds like a laugh, but the other sounds more like a wail. This hyena is very daring. It has attacked sleeping people and has even carried off young children!

Amazing! Hyenas work as refuse collectors. Hyenas are scavengers – they will eat just about anything. In some African villages hyenas are sometimes allowed in to clear the rubbish.

Is it true? All hyenas have manes.

No. Spotted hyenas don’t, but striped hyenas and brown hyenas do. They have scruffy-looking hair sticking up around their head and even down their back.

Do hyena cubs get on together?

Hyena cubs play with each other to practise the skills they’ll need as adults, but they don’t really get on. Twins fight over food, and sometimes, the weaker twin slowly starves to death.

Do hyenas hunt?

Spotted hyenas do, but other hyenas prefer other animals to do the work for them! Most hyenas feed mainly on carrion, which is a bigger hunter’s leftover. When then do hunt for themselves, hyenas go for wildebeest, zebra, or they steal a goat or cow from the local farmer.

Picture Credit : Google