When do badgers leave their sites?

Badgers have distinctive black and white faces, with broad bodies on powerful short legs. They live in colonies, underground (called sets), throwing out obvious heaps of soil at the entrances to their sets at dusk to forage for food. They prefer hilly districts on the borders of woods or thickets with easily worked soils.

They feed on earthworms and other small animals, fruits, cereals, and vegetables, using well-worn paths to their chosen pastures or clearings. Badgers take care to keep their sets warm and clean. Damp bedding in thrown out, and fresh, dry grass or straw is scratched up and gathered in animal.

Fact File:

It is fairly easy to spot the entrance to a badger’s set as it is much larger than that of a rabbit or fox. The opening to the tunnel has smooth rounded edges, and there is often a musky smell close to it.


Picture Credit : Google