Why we should have bird feeders?

If you have bird feeders, you can watch Nature in your compound, in your neighbourhood. You can enjoy the sight and sounds of birds closely. Otherwise these birds stay on tree-tops.

(a) You can go on a step ahead and set up several types of feeders for different birds. Then you can plant native plants around it. You can have a pond dug up. With all these, you can transform your backyard into a natural habitat, and create a mini ecosystem, a bird sanctuary. People who have a well-planted backyard report seeing a variety of birds.
(b) Once the feeders get going, you will find squirrels and other small animals coming in to “steal” the grain or forage for it on the ground. Your feeders will benefit a sizeable number of animals. Of course, cats will make visits too, looking for easy prey, but you are calling a natural world, right?

So, making a backyard as bird-friendly as possible seems like a smart ecological decision. It is an easy way to compensate for all the million methods by which we are trying to destroy the planet.

The benefits for ourselves include the sight of a variety of birds, the chance to watch their behaviour and food habits up close and listen to their songs and chatter.


Picture Credit : Google