When did the first plants appear?

Plants are organisms that use light as a source of energy and to produce the food they need in order to live and grow. The Earth’s original atmosphere contained poisonous gases. The lack of oxygen meant that no animals or plants could survive on the Earth. The earliest plants or plant-like bacteria began the process of photosynthesis, which releases oxygen as well as a waste product. This gas gradually built up in the atmosphere as the plant life spread, making it possible for oxygen-dependent animals to evolve.

Coral was formed by bacteria in much the same way as plants. It is made up of a variety of invertebrate marine organisms of a consistency. They live in colonies begun by just one polyp. Each polyp builds a hard skeleton around itself.

Fact File:

Lichens are a mixture of algae and fungi. Many grow like a mat over rocks or tree trunks, while others look like a small branched plant.


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