When did peter become tsar of Russia?

Peter the Great was a giant figure, well over 2 m tall, and full of violent energy. When he became tsar of Russia in 1696, he was determined to use all his energy to make Russia a strong and modern state.

After many years of civil war, invasion and bloodshed, Russia had just begun a slow progress out of its backward and primitive past. Under the new tsar, this progress became far more rapid.

Peter himself spent years touring western Europe to find out for himself how other countries were won. He was also a great builder. He built roads, canals and introduced modern methods to mining and other industries.

Fact File:

The beautiful city of St Petersburg lives beside the River Neva. Its magnificent Winter Palace was the winter home of the tsars. As a result of working in the difficult marshy conditions, thousands of peasants died while building Peter the Great’ new city.


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