Every family has rules. Some rules are made by parents and children together. Other rules are made by the parents alone. Once they are set, family rules must be followed.

Rules help the members of a family live happily together. If you break a family rule, what happens? Maybe you have to do extra work as punishment. Maybe you are “grounded” for a while.

Laws are the rules that help the people in a community – or a whole country – live peacefully together. The laws of a town, country, or tribe must be obeyed by all of the people there.

Who makes the laws? In a tribe, it may be the chief and a council of tribal members. In some small towns, most or all of the adults gather together to make laws. In large cities and countries, a few people make the laws for everyone.

What laws do you know? Do you have a favourite law? What law would you make if you were a leader in your community?

Laws affect everyone – even family pets. If you are a pet owner, find out what the local laws are for cats, dogs, horses or other animals you have. For example, some places have a lead law, which means you must walk your dog on a lead. Are registration tags needed? What injections are required? Can you keep a wild animal in your garden?

You may also want to ask a police officer about your local bicycle laws. Does your bike need to be registered? What lights, reflectors, and bells or horns does it need? Are riders required to wear helmets?


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