When did Darwin publish The Origin of the Species?

Upon his return from the voyage, Darwin turned over all the specimens he had brought back to cataloguing experts in Cambridge and London. In South America he had found fossils of extinct armadillos that were similar but not identical to the living animals he had seen. On November 24, 1859 Darwin published his theories in a book called The Origin of the Species. It caused a great sensation, but it was some time before it was accepted by the scientific world. The first edition sold out immediately and by 1872 the work had run through six editions. It became generally accepted that evolution took place along the lines that Darwin suggested. His theory on evolution of species solved many puzzles.

Fact File:

We can see how evolution has changed living things by examining fossils. Fossils preserve the body parts of living creatures from long ago so that we can see how they have changed over millions of years.


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