What’s the smartest animal on Earth?

IQ in animals is hard to measure, considering that they live in such different worlds from us. (A cuttlefish is an Einstein when it comes to blending in with its environment.) Scientists agree that the following creatures are especially brainy:

Octopuses: Octopuses are extremely clever when faced with puzzles (such as figuring out how to open a jar to get a tasty fish or escaping from aquariums). They’ll even gather shells, rocks, and other objects to fortify their lairs. Equipped with more complex brains than other invertebrates (animals without a backbone, such as insects, worms, and snails), octopuses are the smartest spineless creatures.

Orangutans, Chimps and Other Primates: Orangutans, Chimps and Other Primates lead busy social lives.

Nightingales and Crows: Nightingales and Crows are hardly birdbrained. Nightingales can learn to sing 60 different songs. Crows use tools to open nuts.

Pigs: Pigs are fast learners. Researchers have taught them how to play video games and even take a shower when they’re hot. (Turns out pigs don’t really “sweat like pigs.”)

Elephants: Elephants live in complex family groups (and have been known to paint pachyderm masterpieces when provided a few art supplies).

Dolphins: But one animal in particular, the dolphin, shares all these smarty-pants characteristics: tool-use, social networking, creativity, and communication. More than 30 species of dolphins including orcas (aka killer whales) and the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin made famous on TV and in aquarium shows – roam the world’s oceans and rivers. They team up in groups called pods to accomplish tasks. Their brains are nearly as large as ours. They complement their eyesight through echolocation: a method of bouncing sounds off obstacles and the fish around them. They even have their own extreme sport: acrobatic leaps and spins that would make freestyle snowboarders jealous. And they talk to each other using what seems like a learned language instead barks, yips, grunts, shrieks, and other sounds that most animals are born using.


Picture Credit : Google