Do the colours of a flag have special meaning?

Yes they do. White is associated with peace and honesty. Yellow is a symbol of generosity and red represents bravery, strength and velour. Blue stands for vigilance, truth and justice, while green are a symbol of hope, joy and divinity. Black sometimes stands for determination. However, a plain black flag is a symbol of mourning. Flags flown at half mast also denote mourning.Our national flag is made up of three colours – saffron, white and green. The saffron stands for courage and sacrifice; the white, for purity and truth; the green for growth and auspiciousness. In the centre of the white band there is a wheel in navy blue to indicate Dharma Chakra. It is a Buddhist symbol dating back to 200 BC.You must always show respect to the flag, and never use it for anything else except as a symbol of our great nation and culture.