What would it be like to live on the Moon?

Life on the moon would be dark, quiet, and uncomfortable. But living there would definitely improve your high jump!

Earth’s sky looks blue during the day because the air on Earth scatters blue light from the sun in all directions. But there is no air on the moon to scatter sunlight, so its sky is pitch-black. On Earth, air carries sound. On the moon, no sound can be heard.

During the day, the moon’s surface gets hotter than boiling water. During the night, the moon is colder than the coldest place on Earth.

We are held on the surface of Earth by the pull of Earth’s gravity. When we weigh ourselves, we are really measuring how hard the gravity is tugging on us.

The moon’s gravity is weaker than Earth’s gravity. On the moon, you would weigh one-sixth as much as you weigh on Earth. If you weigh 27 kilograms on Earth, you would weigh only 4.5 kilograms on the moon! You could also jump six times higher on the moon than you could on Earth. And you could lift very heavy objects that you couldn’t even budge at home on Earth.

Picture Credit : Google

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