What makes lava hard?

Lava is one of the substances that a volcano produces when it erupts. It consists of a material called magma which is a molten rock that rises from the depths of the Earth. The temperature of molten lava reaching the Earth’s surface ranges from about 700o to 1200o C. Most lava is thin and fast-moving distances.

When the volcano has stopped erupting and the lava has been exposed to the air, it begins to cool, becoming hard and rocky on the outside while remaining soft and even liquid inside. If the sides of the volcano are steep the bottom layers of the lava run off while the upper sections go hard. This process causes what is known as a lava tunnel. Soil which began its life a lava is extremely fertile. For this reason people have always lived near volcanoes despite the danger of period eruptions and the risks and the risks involved.


Picture Credit : Google

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