What is underground water called?

Water from Underground

Not all of the earth’s water is in lakes, ponds, rivers, and oceans. A lot of it is beneath your feet – down in the ground.

Rain falls. Snow melts. Much of the water seeps into the ground. It passes through holes and cracks in the soil until it reaches solid rock. The water can’t trickle any further down, so it spreads out, filling every nook and cranny underground.

The top of this underground water is called the water table. When there is a lot of rain, the water soon fills all the open spaces underground. Then the water table gets higher.

In some places, the water table comes all the way to the top of the ground.

Then, water bubbles out and makes a natural fountain called a spring. Sometimes a spring is the start of a river.

Underground water is usually cool and clean and good to drink. People often dig wells to get this water. There is some underground water almost everywhere in the world – even in deserts. But in a desert, the water is often very, very far down underground.

Picture Credit : Google