Why are gazelles swift and agile?

          Gazelles are slim, graceful animals that are found in Africa and Asia. They are synonymous with speed and quickness. Although they resemble deer, both animals have very little in common.

          Do you know that gazelles have the ability to run at bursts as fast as 100 km/h, or run at a sustained speed of 50 km/h? They have very light frames, and their physical features enable them to be agile and swift. Their speed helps them to escape from predators.

          Gazelles are found in the hot and dry savannahs and deserts of Africa and Asia. Gazelles have the unique ability to shrink their heart and liver in order to remain hydrated during summer. The Edmi gazelle, also known as the Cuvier’s gazelle, is the only in the mountains. When winter comes, then animal, however, will migrate to warmer regions.

Picture Credit : Google