What is the seasonal movement of animals?

Animals on the Move

When the cold days of winter come, many animals find it hard to find food. So they fly, march, scamper, or swim to warmer places. When spring comes, they fly, march, scamper, and swim back. This movement from place to place as the seasons change is called migration.

Barn swallows, monarch butterflies, ladybirds, caribou, whales, salmon, and lemmings are just a few of the animals that migrate.

When birds migrate, they often fly great distances. Sometimes they cross oceans and continents. In spring, they migrate back. Sometimes they return to the same nests they used the summer before.

In winter, caribou leave their summer home in northern North America and begin dangerous journey southwards in large herds. The following spring they journey northwards again.

Lemmings are small mammals that live in northern Europe. They migrate sometimes, too. When there is a lot of food, lemmings have many young. When the food runs out, they migrate. Sometimes they travel along roads and through towns looking for food.

Picture Credit : Google