What is the relation between the second president and the sixth president of America?

The son of the second American president went on to become the sixth president of the country. John Quincy Adams, the sixth president was the son of John Adams. If you have been reading carefully up until now, you already know about John Adams.

Like his father, John Quincy Adams was interested in public service. Right from a very young age, he got to watch the lives of politicians and diplomats from a close range. It is not surprising that he ended up being both.

Quincy Adams spent his childhood in Europe and was influenced by it. He was a young diplomat in Europe himself during the French Revolution in 1789. He later returned to France as U.S. Ambassador from 1809 until 1817.

Before becoming the president, Quincy Adams was one of the most celebrated of the American diplomats. Effectively executing the Monroe Doctrine was one among his many achievements.

During his life as a congressman, he conducted a consistent and often dramatic fight against the expansion of slavery. He served as Secretary of State while James Monroe was president and played a major role in the acquisition of Florida.

Quincy Adams contested the presidential elections after Monroe’s second term. Though Andrew Jackson got more popular votes, none of the candidates had enough electoral votes. The House of Representatives had to choose a winner from the three top candidates, and Adams was elected.

During his tenure, Quincy Adams implemented several federally funded infrastructure projects. John Quincy Adams also established a national university and engaged with the countries of Latin America.

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