The equation E=mc2 is perhaps one of the most famous scientific equations of all time. As mentioned previously, this equation came up in the fourth paper Einstein published in 1905. It states that energy is equal to the product of mass and the square of the speed of light. Which means that, matter can transform into energy if it moves fast enough.

One of the factors making this equation so remarkable is that it establishes a connection between hitherto seemingly unrelated entities. Before Einstein’s fourth paper was published, time and Space, and mass and energy were separate entities.

Through establishing the concepts of space-time and E=mc2, he formulated his theory of relativity. Though special relativity is one of the last intuitive theories ever made in the history of science, it turned out to be a crucial one for physics.

Scientists proved all the theories Einstein proposed in 1905. The uses of these theories did not always turn out to be for the benefit of mankind. Changing matter into energy is the principle behind the generation of nuclear energy which provides electricity to millions of people.

However, the same principle was used to split atoms and release the destructive energy of atom bombs. Thus, the equation which is a blessing in electricity production and medical diagnostic tools also became the foundation of the nuclear bomb.

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