What is the Moon like?

The surface of the moon is not the same all over. In some areas, it has broad, flat plains covered with powdery rock dust. In other areas, it has rugged mountains. It also has billions of round holes in the ground called craters.

Some of the craters are no bigger than a pencil point. Some are the size of a car tyre. And some are really enormous. The biggest crater on the moon is over 1,000 kilometres across.

What formed the moon’s craters and mountains? Chunks of rock called meteoroids move around the sun, just as Earth and the moon do. Sometimes these meteoroids crash into the moon. The moon and the meteoroids are moving so fast that the meteoroids make craters in the moon’s surface when they crash.

When meteoroids strike, they usually form walls of rock around the craters they make. Many of the moon’s mountains are really walls made by meteors.

Picture Credit : Google

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