What is the effect of noise on animals?

          Like human beings, animals too are vulnerable to loud noises. A clear example can be seen if you have a pet dog at home. When it hears noises from firecrackers, for instance, it quickly moves to places that keeps it away from the sounds. Helpless animals like these get easily scared by high intensity sounds. 

          Not just for dogs, but for birds too, noise pollution proves to be costly. Often, sounds from planes, road traffic and machinery in urban areas destroy their habitats, and change their normal ways of life. For owls and bats in particular, unwanted sounds affect prey-hunting.

          Another species that get affected by sound pollution is elephants. Environmentalists warn that helicopter rides and other noisy events around their habitats can cause the animals to flee the area out of fear. This in turn, will affect the entire ecosystem.

          In fact, noise pollution is one of the many factors that contribute to the depletion of wildlife population.