What is significance of Bird Feathers?

You know that all birds have feathers. Some feathers are quite beautiful. But what are feathers for? Feathers help most birds to fly, but they are important for other reasons, too.

In cold weather, a bird’s feathers make a warm winter coat. The bird fluffs up its feathers to keep its body warm. For some birds, waterproof feathers act like a raincoat. These birds can swim and dive without getting too wet and sinking.

The colours of feathers can be important, too. Bright colours help some birds attract mates. Other colours make birds blend in with their habitat so they are hard to see. Then hungry enemies won’t notice them.

All birds have wings. Wings are for flying, of course, and most birds can fly.

A bird’s wings are thin and very light. They are nothing but a few little bones and small muscles covered with thin skin and feathers.

Bird wings aren’t all the same, however. The kind of wings a bird has depends mainly on the bird’s way of life.

Picture Credit : Google