What is meant by high tide and low tide?

High Tide, Low Tide

The regular rise and fall of the ocean is called the tide. The tide is caused mostly by forces of gravity from the moon. These forces produce two high tides and two low tides each day.

High tide takes place on the part of Earth that is nearest to the moon. At the same time, high tide also takes place on the part of Earth furthest from the moon.

This seems strange, but there are several reasons for tides. An important one is the way the moon’s gravity pulls on Earth.

On the side of Earth closer to the moon, the moon’s pull is slightly stronger than it is in the centre of Earth. On the opposite side of Earth, the moon’s pull is slightly weaker. High tide happens where the moon’s pull is strongest and also where it is weakest.

As Earth turns, the water sinks back down. After about six hours, this part of the sea is all the way down to what is called low tide.

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