An earthquake can cause large cracks to open up in the Earth’s surface. Many are small, no more than a few metres deep or wide, but others are massive, and whole buildings can fall into them.

When an earthquake strikes, it will create fissures into the depths of the earth in random locations, usually with a lot of people. In reality, the ground often just shakes, shifts and quakes — the physical damage is usually to structures on the ground, not the ground itself. If fissures do open up, it is usually due to a landslide triggered by the quake, which means they’re restricted to hillsides, mountains, and cliffs. If you see roads with cracks and fissures and dislodged pieces, it is because the wet, sandy ground underneath has liquefied, causing the road to sink unevenly and crack. And yes, that can happen to buildings too.


Picture Credit : Google