Could the picture show something that is moving fast?

At first glance, this picture might look like streaks of colour splashed over the page. But the painter, Nazli Madkour, wanted to create more than a pretty pattern. She wanted to tell you about something that she saw. Let’s think about what it could be.

Look at the pale, cool colours. Maybe the colours are telling you about a special place. Could it be somewhere cool? 

The colours seem to rush here and there across one another.

See the splash of blue in the lower-right corner? Blue has a calming effect. Does the blue in this painting make you feel calm?

Now look at the dark lines and shapes. Do you see things in motion? Can you see a bird flying?

A painting should set you wondering and guessing. Maybe the artist painted the wind the way she did to make you think. She wanted you to see calm in the middle of motion. Perhaps she thought you would imagine how it would feel to be a bird in flight.

Picture Credit : Google