What does Mercury look like?

Planet Mercury looks very like our Moon. It’s about the same size and it’s covered in craters, where bits of space rock have crash-landed on its surface. The biggest crater is the Caloris Basin, which is about 1,300 km across. Mercury also has huge plains, rolling hills, deep gorges, chasms, and cliffs.

Is it true? Mercury is the smallest planet.

No. Mercury is only about a third the size of the Earth, but Pluto is even smaller. If you could put them on the scales, it would take 21 Plutos to balance one Mercury.

Is Mercury the hottest planet?

Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun, but its neighbour Venus is even hotter, because it has clouds to keep in the heat.

What is the weather like on Mercury?

Mercury doesn’t have any weather, because it has no air and hardly any atmosphere. That means there are no clouds to shield the surface of the planet from the baking-hot Sun during the day, or to keep in the heat at night. There is no wind or rain on Mercury, either.

Amazing! Mercury is the fastest planet. Mercury zooms around the sun in just 88 days, at an incredible 173,000 kph. That makes it faster than any space rocket ever incented.

Picture Credit : Google