What does germanium do for the body?

The metal germanium marketed under the fancy name of “Vitamin O”, is supposed to cure everything from diabetes and hepatitis to asthma. Supporters claim that it achieves fantastic results by stimulating the body’s immune system. Others disagree strongly. From the way it looks, germanium is better off for use in solar panels and fibre optics.

There is, however, little to no scientific support of these claims, and using germanium supplements or medications can lead to many side effects, including kidney damage, anemia, muscle weakness and lack of coordination, and elevated liver enzymes, according to Healthline.

In experiments, a derivative of germanium called spirogermanium has been shown to inhibit replication in certain cancer cells, but human studies show it has adverse effects and is not suitable as an anticancer treatment, according to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.


Picture Credit : Google