Which bird calls to find its nest?

When a male gannet has caught fish for his mate and young, he must call out and wait for the female’s reply before he can find them amongst all the other gannets.

Why do birds sing?

Birds sing most of all during the breeding season. A male bird sings to attract a mate, or to tell other birds to keep away from his territory. Males and females also call to warn other birds that an enemy is near, such as a cat or a human.

Which birds copy sounds?

Some birds are natural mimics. This means they can copy sounds, such as the telephone ringing or even human speech. The mynah bird used to be popular as a caged pet because of this talent. Australian lyrebirds can even imitate a chainsaw!

Amazing! The African grey parrot is a real chatterbox. It can learn up to 800 different words, but it doesn’t know what they mean!

Is it true? Birds can sing very high notes.

Yes. Many birds can sing notes too high for us to hear! There is a wide range of beautiful birdsong, full of high and low notes.

Picture Credit : Google