What do walruses use their tusks for?

A walrus uses its long tusks to chip shellfish from rocks and break breathing holes in the ice. The males also use their tusks to fight off rivals and attract a mate.

Which seal blows up balloons?

To attract a mate or scare off a rival, a male hooded seal blows air into its nose! It can inflate the lining of one of its nostrils so that it looks like a big, red balloon.

Is it true? Seals cry when they are sad.

No. Seals sometimes look as if they’re crying, but it’s not because they’re sad. The tears keep their eyes moist and clean. In the sea, they get washed away. On land, they trickle down their cheeks.

Which seals live at the ends of the Earth?

Weddell seals live in the far south, on ice-covered islands off the coast of freezing Antarctica. Ringed seals live in the Arctic, at the other end of the world. They’ve been found as far north as the North Pole.

Amazing! In hot weather, some seals and sealions flip tiny pebbles and sand on to their backs with their flippers. This helps to keep them cool, and it also scratches them if their skin is feeling itchy.

Picture Credit : Google