What are the sports book which gives lessons and values?

A striking read

Written by a noted sports journalist and author Moti Nandi, “Striker: Stopper” is a collection of two novellas on the lives of footballers in India. It has been translated from Bengali to English by Hatchette. Both the stories teach readers to chase their dreams and overcome adversities.

Adventures on wheels

A graphic novel “Roller Girl” tells the story of Astrid, who is fascinated by the sport and signs up for a summer training camp. As Astrid tries to find her balance on wheels, she finds herself drifting away from her best friend Nicole. Written and illustrated by roller-derby player Victoria Jamieson, the book is a heartwarming tale of friendship and self-discovery. It is also a great introduction to the obscure sport of roller derby.

Flying high

One day, watching gymnastics on the television, little Zoe realises that it’s just like flying and she dreams of becoming a gymnast. Will Zoe be able to find her wings and soar high? In “She’s Got This”, author Laurie Hernandez, an Olympic gold medalist, shares important lessons she learnt on her way to Olympic glory.

Never say never

Kittu gets lost during a family outing. The 10-year-old, who uses crutches to walk, finds himself in a strange town with a skate park where he meets Mad, a girl who loves skateboarding. As Kittu waits for his family to come find him, he too develops an interest in skateboarding. Will Kittu be able to overcome his disability and become a skate boarder? Written by children’s author Harshikaa Udasi,”Kittu’s Very Mad Day” is an inspiring read

A pre-historical game

“Dino Hockey” is a book about an ice-hockey game like no other. Meat-eating dinosaurs face off against the Veggiesaurs in this epic pre-historical game. Different types of dinosaurs from T. Rex and Triceratops to Pterodactyl, clad in hockey gear compete, in this imaginative picture book by Lisa Wheeler and Barry Gott.

Sport, they say, can be a great leveller. Its beauty lies in the fact that nobody knows what will happen next and which way the ball will turn. Playing a sport, prepares you to push your limits, work as a team, and in the true spirit of sportsmanship accept success and defeat humbly – a great learning opportunity for young readers. Keeping this in mind, over the last few years, the sports genre has moved on from players biographies and descriptive books to fictional stories that impart crucial life lessons to young readers about friendship, self-discovery and perseverance.


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