Why is it said that slavery played a major part in Greek society?

There were many classes of people in Greek society. One such important class was slaves. Even though it sounds as an awful practice for us nowadays, slavery was a part of everyday life in the ancient Greek society. In Greek society, slaves had no powers, or political rights.

  In Greek society, slaves were allowed to have a family of their own, but only depended on their master’s permission. Even the poor people owned slaves. Owners were not allowed to beat or kill slaves. They were sometimes set free by their owners, but even then, they were not considered as full citizens.

Slaves did a wide variety of jobs depending on their skills. Some performed hard labour, whereas some did household chores or worked as artisans in the city. There were different kinds of slaves, and not all slaves were treated alike. The Spartans had a group of workers called Helots, who were not free men and were bound to the land.