What are the similarities and the differences between dogs, wolves and foxes?

          If you see a fox on your way, there is a high likelihood that you will mistake it for a dog. There are more similarities than differences in the physical traits and characteristics among various members of the dog family.

          Among the canids, dogs are the weakest. They have shorter and weaker jaw muscles than others such as wolves, coyotes, jackals and foxes. Dogs and foxes have thinner legs than wolves.

          Dogs have the most varied eye colours. They may have, depending on their breed, white, blue, brown and yellow shaded eyes. Wolves, on the other hand, have small eyes with varying shades of yellow colour. Coyotes, jackals and foxes have yellow or brown eyes.

          In the case of paws, most Canidea family members have similar shape. All members have the same tail pattern. However, across species, the length of the tail may vary.

Picture Credit : Google