What are the amazing animals?

Amazing Animals

Do you know of a mammal that lays eggs? A bright blue lizard with stubby legs? Or a fish that can walk on land? There are millions of different animals, and some are truly fantastic.

The platypus and the echidna are mammals that seem to be part bird. The platypus looks like it has the body of a beaver and the bill and feet of a duck. The echidna looks like a porcupine with a pointy snout. Female platypuses and echidnas feed their young with milk, like all mammal females, but they also lay eggs, like all female birds.

The bright blue lizard called an ajolote looks like a worm with legs. It uses its two tiny front legs to crawl and dig holes.

The walking fish will drown if it stays underwater too long. It has to come to the top of the water to gulp air. Sometimes it even crawls out of the water. It pulls itself along with its fins.